Sedation Dentistry

We offer a number of relaxation options to calm your child's nerves during dental visits.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to cause your child anxiety anymore. At Little Healthy Smiles, we’re able to soothe even the most frazzled nerves thanks to sedation dentistry.

These treatments are safe, effective, and proven to make dental appointments go much more smoothly for parents, children, and the dentist alike. If you think your child could benefit from sedation dentistry at their next appointment, be sure to give us a call to discuss their options.


Sedation dentistry will let your child relax – and even possibly doze off – while our friendly and highly experienced team takes care of their smile. Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, is commonly used by dentist to help patients relax during their visits.  Our dentist can help your child enter a relaxed state that will keep their mind off of their visit, or even let them enter a state of dreaming while the dentist works on their smile. When your child reaches the end of their visit, they will be fully alert and ready to carry on with the rest of their day.

IV Sedation

No matter how big or small the treatment, our in-office dental anesthesiologist is trained to safely administer IV sedation.

With this method, your child will be asleep for the entirety of the treatment.

To learn more about IV sedation and how to schedule your appointment call Little Healthy Smiles at (714) 907-4842.

How Safe is dental Sedation?

When your child has IV sedation at Little Healthy Smiles, they will be under the care of a dental anesthesiologist who will monitor their vitals through the entire procedure.

Our dental anesthesiologist specializes in caring for patients with dental fears and will walk them through care instructions. Our specialist has gone through additional training and certifications to provide our guests with the best and safest care while they are sedated.

The anesthesiologist tailors the amount of sedation to your specific needs and treatment, making the process extremely safe.

Your dentist can suggest one of the options for you based upon what type of treatment you will need. At all of your visits, we encourage your child to take advantage of the tv’s in each treatment room to ease their mind.

Call (714) 907-4842 to schedule your visit to find out which option is best for you!